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Greece Education Foundation?

The Greece Education Foundation (GEF) was formed in June 2000 to enrich and enhance educational opportunities for Greece Central School District students and staff in a manner that supports learning.

The GEF receives gifts, bequests, and donations from local businesses and community members and subsequently provides grant funding to enhance educational programs that cannot be readily financed through local tax dollars or other public resources reflected in the annual school budget. These are beneficial projects that might not be initiated, improved, or maintained without outside funding.

The Greece Education Foundation operates separately from the Greece Central School District. The GEF acts through the management and direction of a 10-to-18 member (excluding ex-officio members) Board of Directors, selected from the community. This board is separate and distinct from the school board.

In order for a project to receive funding, it must meet specific criteria, which include supporting the District's goals for student learning and being consistent with the purpose of the Foundation.

The Foundation has awarded grants that have allowed schools to: purchase computer software that supports the New York State Learning Standards; purchase books to support the teaching of character education to teens; and provide summer enrichment opportunities in social studies and science.

For more information on the Greece Education Foundation, and how you can help to create a world-class school district right here in Greece, New York, call 585.234.8693 or email:

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